Visitor Guide – app

Welcome to Minivärlden’s visitor guide.

NOTE. This app is currently available for approval by Apple and Google. We hope to hear from them soon.

There is so much to tell about at Minivärlden Ljungby, but it is not possible to say everything on small signs in our more than 1000 sqm large premises.

That is why we would be so happy if you choose to use our visitor guide, which is a simple app.

When you visit Minivärlden and get a little curious about something you see or read, there is hopefully a QR code that you can easily scan in with the app. Then a whole world opens up about both history, technology, model building, stories, etc.

We wish you a really exciting and inspiring visit with us.

Download the app here

Android link

iOs link

Note: Minivärlden does not offer Wifi on the premises. So you use your own mobile subscription.

Read more about fees here: