good to know

Going here

We really look forward to your visit at Minivärlden Ljungby. Here are some good hints for your visit.

  • A visit to us normally takes 1,5 – 3 hours.
  • Here both adults and children welcome to explore and experience miniature worlds, model building and enjoyable activities.
  • You may take pictures and films as much as you want, and we like it when you spread it on social media.
  • Check and like our Facebook page.
    Give your comments TripAdvisor.

Non-profit organization
The destination Minivärlden Ljungby is established and developed by the non-profit organization Ljungby Järnvägsförening TågCentralen. All revenue is used to build an interesting and exciting destination in Ljungby.

We have a ramp for wheel chairs and permobiles. The facilities are quite spacy so you have access almost everywhere. There is a larger toilet on request.

In the café/entrance we have plasters and first aid kits.

It is not accepted to bring animals in to Minivärlden or keep them coupled outside. An exception of course is for guide dogs.There is a lot of space to walk your dog and if you need water just ask the staff.

Our well designed and cosy café is a perfect place to relax, take a nice sup of tea or coffee, read some literature and prepare for the next round.

There is a small unattended cloakroom at the entrance. Observe that Minivärlden do not take any responsibility for missing or lost items.

You are not allowed to bring your own food into Minivärlden, except for babies. In our café we offer beverages, cookies, ice cream etc.

Going home
Feel free to give us points of view and advice on improvements. Tell us what we can do better. Tell your friends about everything that was good about your visit. Don’t forget to pack all your bags and children in the car. J

When you get home we hope you give us a “like”on our Facebook page and judgement on TripAdvisor. Thanks and welcome back.

We don’t have traditional guide tours, but most of our information signs are in Swedish, English and German. Don’t hesitate to ask anyone of our hosts. They love to answer your questions.

Mobile charging
In the café there are electrical contacts for your charger.

There is a lot of parking space just outside Minivärlden Ljungby. Two places for disabled.

Photo and film
You can take pictures and films as much as you want, and we are pleased if you share them on social media.
Occasionally we take pictures and films for our own marketing purposes. Please tell the photographer if you DON’T want to be pictured.

Smoking is not allowed. Outside there is an ashtray. Please do not throw butts on the ground.

In our shop you can buy t-shirts, books, toys and other memories from Minivärlden.

Sometimes we have a German speaking guide in place. Check the opening scheme. Many of us also speak English. When it comes to Groups/VIP-visits we organize it completely different. Read more on Group/VIP.

We have one toilet at the entrance plus a wider toilet on the opposite end of the facilities.

Tourist service
Ljungby Tourist Information Service, +46 372 78 92 20

VIP/Groups visits
Read more under VIP/Groups.