miniature summer 7.1 - 8.10 10 -15 h

Open Monday – Saturday 1/7 – 10/8 at 10-15. Closed Sunday.

What a miniature summer it will be this year !!

A different excursion, which the whole family can afford.
Discover our fantastic miniature worlds, exhibits and models. And fun activities for “kids” of all ages. More than 1,000 square meters to experience.

This is truly an outing for the whole family. But equally for everyone who loves and is fascinated by model trains, dollhouses, tin soldiers, history, technology, craftsmanship and the wonderful secrets of miniatures. Millans Café serves Stinsen’s toasted luxury waffle and the cinema SAGA shows historical films.

“When you enter Minivärlden, you are happy. When you leave you are happy”

A lot of new and exciting things have happened.

  • The stork comes to Afkim

    LEGO Fantasy– they are coming back again this year. The creative LEGO builders from the association Swebrick and Lego Masters!! In addition, our local builder Maja Lundberg displays a nice selection of her model builds. Lego Fantasy is not the exhibition of the big, ramshackle buildings, but more finesse with Lego. This allows you to get a lot of inspiration and variety.

    Willys Bergs car collection

  • The car nostalgic room – where we top with Nils-Inge Gustavsson’s famous petrol stations in model – Nynäs, BP and Gulf – from the 50s, 60s and 70s. This year he has added the old Gulf station in the middle of Ljungby, plus a futuristic facility where you change the petrol engine to an electric one…In addition, Willy Berg’s fine display cases with about 200 model cars.

    Who is winning? The hare or the tortoise?

  • The Hare and the Turtle – a completely unique activity for children between 7 and 60 years. A rebuilt car track where you crank out your hare or turtle. Who is winning?
  • Camillas Odgaard’s magic forest. Yes, a whole world of friendly trolls, and little trolls living together in the musty forest. A fantastic detail work, where each troll has been given its own character and appearance. This is the story of the troll Bluefoot, who got a blue foot because his mother ate too many blueberries while he was in the womb.
  • The model masters – we have gathered a dozen of our extra fine models in one place. Available to everyone.
  • Swedish Carolines attack in Narva in 1700.

  • The Battle of Narva – a large stand with hundreds of tin soldiers and highly topical history. Built by Jonas Richthoff.
  • Millans Kafé serves homemade love, hearty pies and last year’s success, “The Stationmaster’s roasted luxury waffles”.
  • This year, our simple cinema hall has been transformed into the old cinema SAGA in Ljungby.

Lilla Småland – a history book in 3D model

You will be very fascinated by this miniature world. Everything is handmade in the improbably detailed Småland landscape. It shines wildly and beautifully in colors from July, August and September. Everything is made with care and attention to detail with all that entails of cultural landscapes, lakes, bogs, hills, moors, forests. And not least all the hand-built houses just as they looked around the 1940s / 50s.

Lidhult 1940-50s

The unique self-made trains run between the small station Bökö out in the countryside, via the community Lidhult, once the center of the extensive lingonberry trade in Småland, away past the rushing river and on towards Åsens and Unnen stations. Then Byholma, Piksborg and finally Bolmen station.

Things happen here all the time – trucks drive, there come two cyclists, the steamboat Vega bounces in the waters of Lake Unnen. Day turns to night and suddenly the smoke from the fire is visible in some of the houses. Here and there you press a small button to perhaps see the hens eating or a blacksmith working at the smithy. And if you look closely, there are many small episodes, events and stories in the detailed landscape.

This year we have built on several new special effects. How about the old sawmill in Unnen, where you can see the floated timber being pulled up the track from the water into the sawmill. Or the small organ and the choir that sings up on the “Drakaröret” at Åsen station.

This year we have built on several new special effects. How about the old sawmill in Unnen, where you can see the floated timber being pulled up the track from the water into the sawmill. Or the small organ and the choir that sings up on the “Drakaröret” at Åsen station.

Especially for the kids

  • The playroom with the wooden trains, for the youngest.
  • Two Märklin model railways where all children have to drive themselves.
  • The clever Robot track you run using an app.
  • The little bigger LGB train.
  • Creator corner – paint figures, decorate trains, build paper house, draw free.
  • The LEGO corner with lots of bricks.
  • The hare and the turtle – who comes first !!
  • Millans Kafé with ice cream, homemade cakes and waffles.

The country Somewhere, a real gem

A fantastic model railway

Dr. Schulze’s fantasy world “The Land Somewhere” fascinates most people who discover all the small details and episodes that are hidden between the old industrial areas in a clear 50’s and 60’s style. This is a more traditional model railway and miniature world, which for thirty years was created by the jovial doctor Bent Schultze in Ljungby. We have saved it for posterity.

More nice exhibitions

  • Tin Soldiers – 12 booths from Jonas Richthoff’s detailed history collection of known battles.
  • Model trains – One hundred models from Bertil Johansson’s donation. 50s-60s, different makes.
  • Fantastic doll cabinets in scale 1:12, created by miniature artist Camilla Odgaard.


Visit us in summer 2023
July 3 – August 12, Monday-Saturday at 10 – 15 hours. Sundays closed.
Sundays closed.


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