Spring train 3.4 10 am - 15 pm

Meet spring at Vårtåget 2024.

The entire Miniworld is ready for you and the whole family to discover, experience and be fascinated by. Miniature worlds, exhibitions, history, models, Creator’s corner and activities for everyone. And don’t miss our interesting lectures. Welcome!!

Look for spring flowers and win our prized T-shirt.

Millans Café is loaded with home-baked love and the bargain corner is loaded with bargains and much more. Locomotive, carriages and tracks are freshly polished, and nice and the SAGA Cinema shows old films on, among others, The Bolmen railway.

Nice exhibitions

You can once again enjoy Camilla Odgaard’s fine doll cabinets which are located on the premises. In addition, Camilla has built up her enchanted forest with her own handmade trolls with great personality and the story of the troll Bluefoot.

You will find Willy Berg’s small car models and Nils-Inge Gustavsson’s fine models of old gas stations in the “Car Nostalgia” room. Then we have Jonas Richthoff’s historical displays with a rhapsody of tin soldiers and not least the Battle of Narva, a real history lesson. And a whole lot more.

Only on the Spring Train 2024

One of our model builders – Christer Svensson – has built a model of Qvarnström’s Carpentry Factory from 1908 in Liatorp. Once an organ factory, then carpentry and finally a furniture factory with IKEA as a major customer. It was a large complex in the small community of Liatorp and when the factory burned down in 1965, a long era went to the grave. Now the factory has been resurrected again. A cultural-historical contribution, just like all the other buildings that we recreate at Lilla Småland at Minivärlden. The builder will be on site.  😀🥂🥂

Little Småland

Our wonderful miniature world and history book of southwestern Småland continues to grow and you can enjoy a detailed and imaginative landscape. Lidhult is ready with a plethora of newly built model houses in exact copies of the 40s and 50s. And in the city there are lots of little episodes that need to be discovered. Here cyclists and cars drive off the road. A wedding couple on a vespa and over there the coffin slips out of the car. Lidhultsån is running full steam and the mill is running.

The trains roll around at a leisurely pace and showcase the entire history of steam locomotives from 1880 to the last rail buses in the 60s. The steamboat Vega is bobbing at the pier at Unnen’s station, and a little further in you can see how logs are brought up to Unnen’s large sawmill, which was demolished in the 1940s.

You know that in the past you could buy a train ticket from Östra station in Halmstad to Unnaryd. Then there was an extra transport from Åsen down to Unnen, and then it was a steamboat the rest of the way….

The land Somewhere

Dr Schultze’s life’s work and old private model railway, which the association rebuilt over 12 years, is a fantastic journey back to the model building of the 50s and 60s. Here you will also find the story of the jovial and at the same time resourceful doctor from Copenhagen. The exhibition is interesting reading for those interested.

The creator’s corner

All small tracks are tuned so that the children can drive themselves and have real fun. The hit Hare & Turtle is on and it’s just a matter of competing to see who is the fastest of the two animals. :-). The popular Robot track is refreshed and nice. Just challenge mom and dad, or your friend. If you’d rather tinker, or build with Lego, then do it.


Our enormously knowledgeable member Ronny Nilsson talks about HBJ’s exciting arrival at selected times. (Halmstad-Bolmen-Railway). TIMES: 13.00 and 14.00.

Stories of tin soldiers and historical battles. Jonas Richthoff, our geek on tin soldiers and who produced more than 5,000 pieces, gives you descriptions of several of the historical battles he portrayed. TIMES: 11.00, 12.00 and 13.30. LOCATION: The Tin Soldier Room

At Minivärlden Ljungby you will always find something interesting and fun for all ages and most interests, so don’t miss the Vårtåget because the next one isn’t until July 1.

Welcome on April  20, from 10 am to 3 pm.

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