Santa Train 30/11, 1/12 and 27/12 11 - 15 h

Christmas, Christmas, glorious Christmas!

Christmas food, Christmas presents, Christmas carols, Christmas parties, Christmas tables, Christmas cookies and Santa train… this year we can once again enjoy and take advantage of everything Christmas has to offer. At Minivärlden, we look forward to giving you and the whole family the best Santa train we’ve ever created.

Well, now it’s not a train you can ride on, but just a name for the entire Miniworld in Santa clothes and with extra exhibitions these days.

Santa Land instead of the Ghost Tunnel.

The new Santa Land is in full swing. You might remember the room where we had Lego Fantasy, or the last time we had the family’s coolest haunted tunnel. It was a lot of work, but now we’ve redone everything again and turned the room into SANTA LAND. Here it teems with gnomes, goblins, pranks and mischief. In addition, Camilla’s finest Christmas market in miniature.

Fun, lovely, cozy Minivärlden

  • Look for gnomes throughout the room. Win a chocolate Calendar ( December 2 and 3) or a T-shirt (December 27).
  • The creative corner is loaded with crafts, LEGO, robot driving and the “big train”.
  • The Hare & the Tortoise have dressed up as elves so now maybe it will be Santa & Santa who compete.
  • How about Gun’s postcard collection from “back in the day”.
  • Little Småland – Lidhult with all its nice house models and stories. And the Lidhultsån, which flows nicely.
  • Little Småland – Bökö’s fantastic nature and richness of detail fascinates.
  • Dr. Schultze’s trajectory – The Land of Somewhere – is in full swing.
  • Four model railways that the children can drive.
  • The mini room with the wooden trains awaits its talented train drivers. (2-4 years)
  • Millans Café is loaded with home-baked Christmas coffee, for example gingerbread like little locomotives.
  • Find a bargain in our fun shop – books, movies, toys.
  • Or fun model railway equipment in the bargain corner.
  • The SAGA cinema is open – old lovely train films.
  • Maja Lundberg shows her beautiful Winter landscape in Lego.
  • A nice collection with Willy Berg’s model cars and Nils-Inge’s nice petrol stations in 1:24 scale.
  • Fourteen stands with tin soldiers from Jonas Richthoff. Now even the battle of Narva on November 20, 1700.
  • Watch out for the talking stint in Lidhult station!!!

Camilla Odgaard’s nice Christmas market in dollhouse size

We are really lucky to have made contact with Camilla. Even before the summer, she showed us her classic Christmas market in miniature format, with all that means of Christmas spirit. Come and enjoy. You will probably find it inside this year’s new Santa Land. It’s really lively there.

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