The SAGA Cinema in the carriage seats

You feel like a moviestar, like Steve McQueen when you enter under the arc of lights into the Saga Cinema.

Please, feel comfortable to rest a while in our carriage seats from the Swedish State Railways and the Danish equivalent. The latter a tribute to Dr Bent Schultze, the creator of The Country Somewhere. Bent Schultze was born in Copenhagen.

Sit and enjoy episodes from the old railways från Bolmenbanan och Skåne-Smålands Järnväg and perhaps more.

In our cinema you can watch amateur film footage from Bolmenbanan och Skåne-Smålands Järnväg. Those railways are the originals and the inspiration for our fantastic miniature world Little Småland. Sometimes one or another film appears to…

Watching train movies from old times is actually cozy, even if you are not particularly interested in trains. You still get an idea of what our world looked like in your mother’s or grandfather’s time. And if you are a child, it is always fun with steam engines and trains running, also on a movie!

You can buy some of the films in our shop in Millans Kafé.

The Saga Cinema

Ljungby’s or perhaps Sweden’s smallest cinema. It was located in a building that was more beautiful than the movies themselves. When Ljungby center was “modernized” in the 1960s, parts of the cinema were demolished. A small part was saved by the well-known artist Sven Ljungberg in his garden.

At Minivärlden we celebrate all those small cinemas, just like they seemed in the past, with a huge picture of the very Saga Cinema.

Many memories from cinema Saga can be read about in the Facebook group “You know you are from Ljungby…“.

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