The world of tin. Fantasy or reality?

Learn history with us

Dr. Jonas Richthoff  used old stuff from home and created something new. Kitchen towels became sails, caviar tubes became the Norwegian flag and his grandmother´s silver necklace became part of the castle´s drawbridge. In fact it was in grandma´s basement that Jonas cast his 5000 tin soldiers and put them in real or imaginary scenes.

At Minivärlden you can see the battle of Lund, viking longships, the three musketeers, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen on his way to the South Pole, the battles of Brunkebergs Ridge and much more.

The Battle of Narva. NEW 2022.

Read more here. A 3×3 meter large stand showing the battle of Narva in 1700.

Grandpa´s lump of tin.

Jonas has cast every single figure. His grandfather, Elvier Olsson, awoke this interest in him. Elvier was well known for his casting of  tin soldiers. Towards the end of his life he asked his relatives if they could take care of his work but they were not interested. So Elvier melted them all down to one big lump of tin.

Several years later when Jonas was a teenager he asked his grandmother about the tin soldiers. She gave Jonas the lump of tin and he started casting his own soldiers. Perhaps it warmed his grandmother´s heart when she saw the tin soldiers being cast all over again as grandpa had once done before.


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