Dylta A giant model of a small loco

See this beautiful locomotive model in scale 1: 2 of the 600 mm locomotive Dylta. The model is “only” twice as big!

Even though all the details look real, the model is almost entirely built of wood. The Dylta model has been lent by Erik Ramshammar in Ljungby, since 2007. The model was built by Erik’s grandfather, train driver Bo Persson.

“I’ll put an engine in the locomotive, and let the grandchildren ride around in carriages in the garden,” Bo said to his wife, but only had time to build the locomotive. Maybe Bo got to build his beautiful model in peace and quiet …

The original

The original ÖSIJ 3 – Dylta was manufactured in 1919 by Orenstein & Koppel and was restored by ÖSIJ, Östra Södermanlands Järnväg, Mariefred.

It is an industrial locomotive that was used at a lime mill in Sala and from 1946 at Dylta mill in Närke. In 1960, it came to ÖSlJ, which has renovated and operated the locomotive. but it is currently not in operation. You can thus see the original of the model on Östra Södermanlands Järnväg in Mariefred.

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