The Model Masters

There are model buildings that are so nice and well made that they require their own place.

You can see some of Minivärlden’s finest model buildings in the Model Masters section. In peace and quiet, you can view the exquisite craftsmanship or the jovial simplicity of creative joy. The models have either been built by members of Minivärlden, donated or lent out.

How long does it take to build, you ask?
You do not get the answer. Real model builders never tell you how long it will take.

The giant model Dylta

See this beautiful locomotive model in scale 1: 2 of the 600 mm locomotive Dylta. The model is "only" twice as big!

Edvins masterpiece

This is a real masterpiece! Edvin Johansson's large model locomotive SJ A7 no. 1749, in the scale 1:10. Edvins daughter, Cajsa Makris, estimates that it took about 25.000 hours to build! You may understand why!

Bertil’s model train collection

Bertil Ingvar Johansson (1930 – 2015) samlade modelltåg i hela sitt liv. I juli 2012 donerade han större delarna av sin samling till Minivärlden.