dr schultze's the country somewhere

Once up on a time there was a doctor called Bent Schultze. He loved model railways. When he wasn’t treating his patients he played with his trains. In the basement of his house Dr Schultze created a fantasy world called “The Country Somewhere”. In the layout of Somewhere he constructed two railways. He built small cities with houses, factories and parks representing life around 1945.

Push the buttons – the small figures will come to life

Walk around in Dr Schultzes fantasy world and dream away on your own. All the pleasant scenes and episodes. See the trains approaching and the faint lights in the houses. Here and there you will discover small red buttons. Just push and the small figures….

…will awake.

Who was Dr Schultze?

He moved from Denmark to Sweden and became a renowned, local profile in Ljungby.  Ha was as good a doctor as he was a model builder. Between 1965 – 1995 he built and played with his trains in his basement. Towards the end of his life he donated the fantasy model railway to the municipality of Ljungby in 1996.

The disaster

Unfortunately the model was disassembled heavy-handedly with a disasterous result. Tha landscape made of plaster was rumbled and the rails oxidated.

In 1999 a railway enthusiast, Staffan Vifors, took over the project together with ABF, a Swedish non-profit making organization. Three years later the association TågCentralen was founded. Between 1999 och 2012 we rebuilt about 80 percent of the original Country Somewhere.

A voluntary rescue operation which took15 000 working hours to complete.

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