Nils-Inges Gas stations

“Ljungby’s petrol stations along Riksväg 1 (R1)!”


Premiere exhibition with model builder Nils-Inge Gustavsson

Nils-Inge is a retired marketer with a passion for cars and building history. For a few years, he has “slipped” into recreating old gas stations in model – scale 1:24, and the models really show that you can combine these interests. It started with him wanting to build his childhood Nynäs station, as he remembers it. Then he got a bleeding tooth and now he presents three pieces at Minivärlden Ljungby.

ESSO 1969 (NY 2024)

ESSO Inaugurated in 1960 in Ljungby. The gas station was started by Karl-Erik Johansson but it was his sons Sten and Knut who ran it together with his brother-in-law Gösta Bondesson. A complete car workshop with associated car wash. Phone number 12345!

Motel Stadt Ljungby

The motel was a popular hangout for the city’s young people with a milk bar and banquet hall. Many famous people took the opportunity to eat and spend the night at this modern motel. At the petrol pump, former world champion in boxing, Ingemar Johansson, is seen, refueling his new Chevrolet Corvette.

GULF 1960 – new 2023

The GULF gas station was built in the late 60s on Märta Ljungbergsvägen in Ljungby. Between the IOGT-courtyard and the local inn, Gästgivaregården. The owner was Karl-Erik Andersson together with his son Lars-Erik (Bullen). In addition to fuel and simple service, vans and smaller trucks were rented out.

The station was a popular meeting place for the city’s car-borne youth. Here we see an active day, in the summer of 1972. Ljungby Gamla Torg has recently been inaugurated and “Bullen” fills up with Premium petrol, at the same time as he checks the oil on a black Ford Mustang.

The car is driven by Agnetha Fältskog (later ABBA), on her way home to Jönköping from Helsingborg, where she played the lead role in the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Traffic was heavy on Europaväg 4, which went straight through Ljungby, so there was a steady stream of customers who needed fuel for their continued journey.

SHELL 1959

The first petrol station in Ljungby. Built in the early 1930s. Just in front of Gästgivaregården. The director was Karl Johannesson “Kalle på Macken”.

The petrol came by rail to Ljungby and had to be pumped over to a truck and driven to the gas station. A time consuming and dangerous job. A laundry hall was also built for the gas station. The service pit was outdoors. The vehicles of that time required careful maintenance.

BP 1977

This BP gas station was built and inaugurated around 1960. On Kånnavägen in Ljungby in direct connection to Riksettan. The first manager was Sigfrid Johnasson, also known as “Ice Cream Sigge” when he sold home-made ice cream in the summer.

The facility was complete with both laundry, full car service and shop.

Here you can talk about car nostalgia, vintage cars, petrol stations, car models, right-hand traffic, left-hand traffic, old road signs, renovation, chrome, leather sofas, horsepower, engine oil, rear axles, gearboxes and much much more.

SuperCharger 2023 (fiction), new

A hyper-modern conversion workshop, where cars are converted from fossil fuel to pure electric operation. The facility is planned to be located in central Ljungby. We see the work of converting two sports cars, a Ferrari and a Matra. Demand is high and on a pallet we see new batteries for several other well-known car brands, including Tesla and Volvo.

Standing at one of the charging posts is Gunde Svan from TV4 (former world famous cross-country skier), who converted his fast Porsche GT3 at this facility. He is on his way home from yet another recording of “Prisoners at the Fort.”

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