Model cars – Willy Berg

Cars are my life

Growing up in the back seat of the family’s American taxis, Willy got stuck early in the so-called Volkswagen and Porsche 356 swamp. This, much thanks to the fact that VW was so fun to drive in the woods plus an important factor, the father changed from Taxi driver to VW salesman, which meant that it was cheap to change “car”.

Porsche and Volkswagen

The Porsche 356 from 1961 became a family member in 1981 and has been used both on the continent and in our Nordic neighbors. New adventures await in the spring.

The VW is from 1954. Engine? Of course a Porsche engine. The original engine from VW is allowed to rest for the time being, even if it also runs well. “Folkan” is accompanied by three more Folkor at Willy’s home. Of course it’s wonderful!

Over 2,000 model cars

Willy Berg’s interest in model cars has been with him since childhood and has only resulted in more and more cars. Strange? The total collection of model cars is between 2,000-2,200 cars. Who knows? At Minivärlden we “only” show a few hundred.

Here you can talk about car nostalgia, vintage cars, petrol stations, car models, right-hand traffic, left-hand traffic, old road signs, renovation, chrome, leather sofas, horsepower, engine oil, rear axles. gearboxes and much much more.


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