Car nostalgia

Car nostalgia at Minivärlden. Not exactly any electric cars …

No, now we dream back to a time when the car replaced the horse as a symbol of freedom. The Marlboro man instead became The Cadillac man, or The Dodge man. Or why not the Volkswagen or Volvo man. Yes, it was mostly men who got hooked on horsepower, oil, tires and petrol.

In the room Bilnostalgi you can remember back or discover the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Nils-Inge’s phenomenal models of old petrol stations are perfectly matched by Willy’s fine collection of car models. In addition, you can see in the picture the transformation of an old wreck into shiny chrome joy, wide leather sofas and true pride.

In the name of honesty, you can probably say that it was nicer before 🙂