Camillas dolls cupboards

A true miniature artist shows off her creations

“Dolls and miniatures have always fascinated me, ever since I was a little girl. Mom’s aunt worked as a doll repairman in a well-known toy store in Malmö. I loved sitting there fantasizing and watching her repair the damaged dolls. And then there were lots of other toys, including dollhouses. ”

Camilla Lagerstedt Odgaard has been creating for 20 years

But it is not until the last 20 years that dolls’ cupboards have become the big hobby. Now Camilla is exhibiting for the first time 12 of her creations at Minivärlden Ljungby for six weeks. At home in his basement, there are probably about 20 more.

“The traditional scale for dollhouses is 1:16, but it makes it easy to get caught up in a format that is more controlled by the size of the house than you want to create. I prefer to work in scale 1:12, partly it is a little bigger so that it is possible to produce more detailed environments, partly I can create my environments more freely. ”

A herbarium in scale 1:12!

During the summer of 2022, you will discover the most diverse environments – the school hall, the patisserie, the church, the living room, the grocery store and much more. A small “real” and handmade hebarium is also included. Small, small binders with pasted plants.

“It is interesting to see how you are affected by your hobby. In the beginning, I worked on and collected various things that were already finished. Gradually, the interest in creating every detail began entirely on its own. Today I am completely lost in scale 1:12. Wherever I am, I set my eyes on that size and constantly discover little things that can be turned into parts of my environments. I have become a true miniature artist. ”

We have also placed the cabinets on podiums throughout our premises so that each cabinet has a legitimate chance to communicate with its viewers.