A moment on mother earth pictures and stories

Everyone has a time on earth. In our photo and memory exhibits, you’ll see how time looked like before. Before our time.

Hike around pictures and stories from Ljungby, Tutaryd, Ryssby, Målaskog, Stavsjö / Dragaryd, Angelstad, Bolmen, Piksborg, Byholma, Åsen, Unnen, Lidhult, Bökö, Älmås, Lagan, Vittaryd, Kånna, Bäck, Hamneda and Hornsborg.

Whether you’ve ever been to the places, have visited them sometime or maybe even lived there, it’s as fascinating to discover or remind you of what it looked like before.

Every now and then we also hear visitors who surprised, for example, crying out “That must be my grandfather’s father”. And then comes the stories.