Exciting miniature worlds, impressive model buildings, interesting exhibitions and real life stories.


The country somewhere

The train is slowly coming out of the tunnel. Passes a beach of naturists and soon also Dr Schultzes own nice green house, the spot where he built his model railway during 30 years.

The Model Masters

There are model buildings that are so nice and well made that they require their own place.

The giant model Dylta

See this beautiful locomotive model in scale 1: 2 of the 600 mm locomotive Dylta. The model is "only" twice as big!

Edvins masterpiece

This is a real masterpiece! Edvin Johansson's large model locomotive SJ A7 no. 1749, in the scale 1:10. Edvins daughter, Cajsa Makris, estimates that it took about 25.000 hours to build! You may understand why!

Bertil’s model train collection

Bertil Ingvar Johansson (1930 – 2015) samlade modelltåg i hela sitt liv. I juli 2012 donerade han större delarna av sin samling till Minivärlden.

Battle of Narva

Battle of Narva (Estonia) on November 20, 1700. Narva is by far Sweden's foremost military success, if you can now count war as success?

Car nostalgia

Car nostalgia at Minivärlden. Not exactly any electric cars … No, now we dream back to a time when the car replaced the horse as a symbol of freedom. The Marlboro man [...]

Little Småland

Lilla Småland is our unique miniature world in the middle of Småland's history. From peasant society to industrialization. Everyday life and imagination in a wonderful mix.

The world of tin

Dr. Jonas Richthoff used old stuuff from home and created his own worlds with tin soldiers. His fabulous hobby shows fairy tales and true stories.

A moment on mother earth

Alla människor har sin stund på jorden. I våra foto- och minnesutställningar ser du tiden förr.

Camillas dolls cupboards

A true miniature artist shows off her creations. During the summer of 2022, you will discover the most diverse environments.

The SAGA Cinema

Of course you like to see films. That’s why we have arranged a “train compartment cinema”
Carina, Millans Kafé

Millans Kafé and shop

Oh so good to be able to sink down on a chair in our cozy café. Coffee, soft drinks, rolls, homemade, ice cream, pies and why not try "Stinsen's roasted luxury waffle". Feel free to take a look in our shop and bargain corner with books, movies, fun things 🙂

LEGO Fantasy 2024, 1/7 – 10/8

Minivärlden Ljungby can this summer present our very own exhibition - LEGO FANTASY. The models are created by some of Sweden's most talented LEGO-MOC builders, who are also members of the association Swebrick.

The smallest art gallery

A beautiful painting. Sometimes showing reality. Sometimes showing fantasy. At our gallery the motives are always trains.

Book café

A visit to Minivärlden can be quite demanding. What could be better than slipping into chair, having a nice cup of tea or coffee, and maybe browse through some magazines or books about local history, train history or model building


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