The Hare and the Turtle

An awesome experience for the kids. Unique in the whole world.

Is the hare ready? Is the turtle ready?

Good. Let’s go. I count down from 3. OK?

Three, two, one, RUN.

Here it is a hare and a turtle that will be cranked out on a specially built car track. Instead of the usual hand controls, you stand at a crank and make sure that it is you who comes first to the finish line.

Now they start cranking.

If you crank too slowly, the car does not move. If you crank too fast, the car stops.

Come on, come on. So it is the parents who cheer and shout. After two laps, there is a winner. The lights flash and the proud hare or turtle receives a well-deserved diploma. But beware, you want to try again 🙂

An old dream

We had been thinking for a long time about creating a completely unique children’s activity with interaction and imagination. We had seen similar ideas, but then it’s mostly about model trains and bicycles that will generate electricity.

We wanted something more.

Something that the children could identify with. Animals are always popular and then we remembered the old fable about the hare and the turtle. Said and done. Now it stands there and has become a real highlight on Skaparhörnan.