A moment of relaxation With homemade "fika"

Millans Café with homemade coffee and waffles.

Oh so good to sink into a chair in Millan’s cozy café. There is so much to see and do at Minivärlden Ljungby. Then you need a break sometimes, and what’s better than a cafe with homemade love.

On the bookshelf you will find magazines and books, so feel free to take a moment to relax and recharge for the next round. If you have the children in the Mini Room, you can easily keep an eye on it through the window. If the weather is good, we have places right outside.

Nice little shop

Feel free to take a look in the shop with books, movies, fun things :-). In the bargain corner you will find everything that is about model trains and also a lot of model building materials such as brushes, paints, figures, trees, rails and our own Minivärlden  freight wagon in scale H0.


Swedish fika 40 kr
Coffee / tea / soft and hard cake, or ½ sandwich

Children fika 25 kr
(Children under 12)
Festis / soda / optional cake

Choclate cake special 25 kr
Muffins with raspberry jam and ice cream

Soft cake 20 kr
Hard cake 10 kr
½ fralla 20 kr
Coffee / Festis / soft drink 15 kr

Pie 45 kr
Ham / chicken / vegetarian

Stationmaster’s Roasted Luxury Waffle 35 kr
Roasted homemade waffle with jam and ice cream

Menu options

Sandwich with cheese or sausage SEK 20
Muffins 20 kr
Clementine cake 20 kr
Biscuit 10 kr
Chocolate bread 10 kr

Sandwich with cheese 20 kr
Muffin cake 20 kr
Clementine cake 20 kr
Biscuit 10 kr
Chocolate bread 10 kr

Muffins 20 kr
Cookie 10 kr

Bulle 20 kr
Vanilla cake 10 kr

Reservation that goods may run out and for changes in supply.

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