Easter Train 4.16 and 4.19 10-15 h

Open 10 – 15 h.

Finally time for Easter and of course for the Easter train. This year it’s two days that count!

As usual we have charged for a nice excursion for the whole family. Lots to see and do and suitable for all ages.

Competition for everyone

Find chickens and win the giant Easter egg with candy! This year donated by our sponsor City-Gross. This is our fun competition theme both on Wednesday and on Easter Eve itself. Always appreciated.

Exhibitions and narrators

Model cars. This year we are exhibiting about 200 small model cars from Willy Berg’s collection. Many nice models to admire and presented under different themes.

LEGO Technics. Mikael Lilja shows a large number of cool excavators, dumpers, shafts and more. If you like machines in Lego, this is something for you.

Doll cabinets. Camilla Odgaard’s nice dollhouses is an experience in itself. Highly appreciated for its richness of detail and variety. We have 12 exhibits in different places on the premises.

Lecture on tin soldiers. Jonas Richthoff is on site and tells about his pewter figures and the famous battles that are found in about 15 display cases.

Lecture on Bolmenbanan. Ronny Nilsson, our expert on the Bolmen line (and much more) talks about the fantastic construction of the Halmstad-Bolmen Railway

The creative corner

You know that Minivärlden has a whole department for children – Skaparhörnan. There you can build with LEGO, paint nice figures, make small houses, but also drive trains, compete on the robot track. And not least challenge mom or dad with the Hare & the Turtle. This is a completely unique activity where the slow turtle meets the fast-footed hare, but who really wins?

Miniature worlds

Lilla Småland continues to grow and becomes increasingly detailed and full of fun special effects and exciting stories. You know that we are building a 450 sqm miniature world based on the old railways that went through Ljungby municipality. Bökö station and community is finished. Lidhult’s station and community are almost complete and consist of 35 houses, roads, environments and episodes. Lidhultsån flows with real water, down past the Nickie that sits and plays, and rushes on through the mill wheel on new adventures.

The land Somewhere is a small treasure of 15 x 5 meters. It is Dr Bent Schultze’s fine fantasy model in the 50s / 60s style. It was this model that the association rebuilt between 2000 and 2012 and 15,000 hours of non-profit work.

Watch a movie or have a homemade coffee

At the far end we have our cinema. When Ronny Nilsson does not tell about the origins of Bolmenbanan, it is “free” admission to the cinema with old train movies and real train seats.

Do not miss Millans Café with homemade coffee and bread buns at great prices. A cozy place to gather strength for the second round at Minivärlden 🙂

The mini world Ljungby always has something interesting and fun for all ages and most interests – an experience and activity goal for the whole family.

Welcome to the Easter train on March 27 or 30. Take care now for the next time we are open is not until July 4 and then six weeks ahead.


Some  happy winners of the giant egg

There were two nice egg wins on the Easter Train 2023. On Wednesday Nathaniel Wlazlack from Vaggeryd won and on Easter Eve Ronja and Anton from Kungsbacka won. Congratulations and welcome back.


Winners of the giant egg in 2015 and 2016.

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