Atumn train 9.14 10-15 h

Open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Take the opportunity to visit us on September 14. The next chance isn’t until October 30, and then it’s the Ghost Train.

We are therefore also open on Sunday this year as the interest after the success of the summer continues. We also have all the exhibits – LEGO Fantasy, Camilla’s dollhouse, Battle of Narva, Willy’s cars and Nils-Inge’s fine models of gas stations. And the children can once again compete with the Hare & the Tortoise!!!

This year we are also celebrating 20 years as an association (we suddenly came up with it) and then there will also be the ANNIVERSARY TRAIN at the same time, with some extra fun and activities. Among other things, a jubilee speech by Charles XII himself. With a bang and a salute!!

The program is not ready yet, but soon


Lilla Småland – a history book in 3D model

You will be very fascinated by this miniature world. Everything is handmade in the improbably detailed Småland landscape. It shines wildly and beautifully in colors from July, August and September. Everything is made with care and attention to detail with all that entails of cultural landscapes, lakes, bogs, hills, moors, forests. And not least all the hand-built houses just as they looked around the 1940s / 50s.

The unique self-made trains run between the small station Bökö out in the countryside, via the community Lidhult, once the center of the extensive lingonberry trade in Småland, away past the rushing river and on towards Åsens and Unnen stations. Then Byholma, Piksborg and finally Bolmen station.

Things happen here all the time – trucks drive, there come two cyclists, the steamboat Vega bounces in the waters of Lake Unnen. Day turns to night and suddenly the smoke from the fire is visible in some of the houses. Here and there you press a small button to perhaps see the hens eating or a blacksmith working at the smithy. And if you look closely, there are many small episodes, events and stories in the detailed landscape.

This is Småland’s “largest” construction project which is now growing gradually and will eventually be about 450 square meters in size. You can also follow the construction in different phases.

The bargain corner is open as usual

In our shop you will find a lot of older train equipment – locomotives, wagons, houses, etc. Things that we have been given as gifts and that we sell at reasonable prices to our visitors. We also sell some model material at great prices.

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