Minivärlden Ljungby. It is run by the association TågCentralen

Welcome to Minivärlden Ljungby, a destination established and developed by the non-profit making association TågCentralen.

We are a very ambitious association with members who have Minivärlden as their hobby. We keep open as much as we can afford due to private efforts from our members. All our revenue is dedicated to the development of the destination and to create an nice experience for our visitors – the whole family, the train geek, the model builder, the historian, the artist or whoever may be interested.

We want you to think it’s just as happy for you to come here as it is for us to be here

Our vision
“To build a brand new tourist attraction in Ljungby”

This is our original vision from 2002 when the association was founded. It’s still valid and has been completed with some more priorities,

An experience for the whole family.
Minivärlden Ljungby – A really great experience.
Sweden’s most enjoyable miniature world.

Our motto is: To create is fun, to present what you have created is even more.

In brief
Founded in 2002.
Dr Schultze’s railway model was inaugurated in 2012.
No. of active members in 2018 is about 60.
No. of supportive members  in 2018 is about 30.
Visitors 2017 – 3 400.
No. of Saturdays/Theme openings, 5 per year.
Summer openings, 36 days.
No. of Group/VIP visits 2017, 20.
Area, approx. 1 000 sqm.

Phone: +46 70 573 65 24
Anders Billow

VIP/Group visits
E-mail : Read more: gruppvisningar:
Phone: +46 70 928 81 00
Thomas Jeppsson

Phone: +46 70 688 84 25
KG Salomonsson

Facebook: Minivärlden.

Tripadvisor: Minivärlden Ljungby.


A really affordable excursion destination. No ticket booking, you pay at the entrance. Affordable tickets 0 – 4 years, free 5 – 11 years, SEK 50 12 – 99 years, SEK 130 100 […]