Bus trip, group or VIP package

An unusual visit. Very unique.

The company. The association. The staff club. Your friends. Family and relatives. Management. The 70th birthday party. The reunion. The bus trip. The surprise party.

At Minivärlden Ljungby we are very happy to welcome different kinds of groups of visitors, from 2 to 50 persons. It’s just a matter of finding the right date, time and concept that suits you and us. We are a non-profit association and therefore need some tip-off to organize everything. During the period December 1 to February 28 we have less possibilities to welcome groups as this is the most intensive construction period.

A real adventure – in English, Swedish, German or Danish.

We can design your visit according to number and type of participants, interest and wishes. We tell you the stories of our project. Maybe you want to drive the trains? Or arrange a surprise for someone.

Talk to Lisa

Lisa Lindberg is the one you should talk to. She will sort out all the details with you.
Phone + 46 76-808 45 55
E-mail grupper@tagcentralen.se

Minimum charge is SEK 1700 for 1 to 10 persons. Swedish “fika” is included. Additional person is SEK 170.

If it doesn’t fit with “fika” with us, the minimum cost is SEK 1,500. Participants above the minimum level are SEK 150 per person. The price always includes demonstration, guiding and spontaneous walking tour and cinema.

Something more to eat? Talk to Lisa. Welcome to a show you will never forget!

An evening, dedicated for your business partners

This is a special arrangement when you wan’t to surprise your business guests with something unusual. An evening they will not forget and opportunity for you to improve your business relations. Honestly, there are few people who never dreamt about managing a big model railway….

Fixed charge is SEK 6000 (max 12 persons). Then we include a great railway sandwich and beverages, coffee, cake and so on. We make sure your guests will get a good time.

Lisa Lindberg:
+46 76-808 45 55